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TraIn RoCk ThE FuN EgGplanT SamMicH

Hey trainiac...or not.Welcome to TraIn RoCk ThE FuN EgGplanT SamMicH.look around...sign my guestbook...please:)

6 Words...TraIn RoCk ThE FuN EgGplaNt SamMicH! lol

I know that the site is...very...colourful,lol...but hey, With such a strange name, I thought it fit! lol



Guess what?!?! CLICKIES! lol

On this site I'll include everything about, non other than the BEST band in the world...Train! including recording lists, news and gossip, photos, show review[s], and alot a look around,explore,click on things...that's why u have a mouse:)

Ok, i want to thank everbody at the BBS for being sooooo cool.And i want to think CLAREINOZ for this totally cool site name...thanx:)

Come on Ride the Train! Choo chooooooooooo

Meet the band!

Patrick Monahan: Vocals, Trumpet, Sax, Vibes, Percussion

Jimmy Stafford: Guitars, Mandolin, Backround Vocals

Rob Hotchkiss: Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Backround Vocals

Scott Underwood: Drums, Keyboards, Programming, Percussion

Charlie Colin: Bass, Guitar, Backround Vocals